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DiskDigger — Undelete and Recover Files

DiskDigger is a simple but advanced file recovery software. It has two modes of operation: dig deep and dig deeper. The dig deep mode is similar to classical undelete function found in popular file recovery tools. Dig deeper is an advanced mode where DiskDigger tries to find files on the disk regardless of the file systems and disk data state.

Both modes need working hard drive, USB flash disk or memory card. Even if the drive’s data is damaged DiskDigger will be able to recover data as long as the PC will be able to read raw data from the drive and the actual file data is not overwritten or otherwise damaged.

Dig Deep

The first mode dig deep is simpler and relies on the file system. DiskDigger supports FAT (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT) and NTFS. Since deleted files are not removed from the file system (they are only marked as deleted), DiskDigger in dig deep mode can undelete them. This is a pretty straightforward process and is similar to those in other undelete software. Dig deep method is efficient and fast and can recover any type of files provided the data was not overwritten.

Dig Deeper

Dig deeper mode does not depend on the file system. It simply reads the disk data and tries to recognize files. This way you can scan any disk regardless of how it has been formatted or how the data was corrupted. As long as the file data was not overwritten DiskDigger will be able to recover most popular file formats. The only limitation is fragmentation. Bigger files are usually split into more fragments which are stored at different locations on the disk. DiskDigger will be able to recover only the first fragment since in this mode it does not use any data from the file system.

Because for the disk scanning in dig deeper mode the software needs to examine each disk location the operation may take a long time. For smaller removable media this is not a problem but for larger disks deep digging may take hours. Of course, the value of lost files in most cases justifies the time and effort needed to scan the disk.

Despite the fact that DiskDigger will scan all the disk for files it can only recover known file types. It scans for files by checking the disk data against known structures and signatures in file headers. Currently it supports the following types:

Audio and video files: MP3, WMA, AVI, WAV, MID, FLV, WMV, MOV, M4A, M4V, 3GP, F4V
Other file types: ZIP, ISO, RAR, 7Z, EXE, DLL, SIT, MDB, ACCDB, Thumbcache
This mode will recover all files, deleted and existing ones. However, the file names will not be recovered because this data is stored in the file system which is in this mode ignored.



DiskDigger needs no installation. Simply download zip archive and extract the executable file to the final destination. DO NOT save the software to the disk where you intend to undelete files. Choose another disk—USB flash disk is just fine.

Practical Data Recovery

When you run the software (it needs administrator rights) it first asks you for the disk to scan. You can choose one of listed physical or logical drives or disk image file which should be byte-for-byte copy.

In the next step you choose the mode. Dig Deep will only scan for deleted files while Dig Deeper will scan the disk for all know file types. If you are recovering only images or files of one type then the later is better choice. If you decide to dig deeper you will be able to select which file types would you like to search for. Select only types you need or expect since more file types also means more time for scanning.

When you click on the Next button DiskDigger will start scanning. All the files found will be listed and clicking on any file will display it’s preview. When the scanning finishes choose the files you would like to recover and save them to a different location. Files that are in good condition (not overwritten) are marked with green icon.


DiskDigger is a compact data recovery tool that can do much more that simple undelete. As a universal file undelete and recovery software it will be able to recover files from any disk regardless of file system. DiskDigger is also a great tool for digital camera image recovery. Easy to run, easy to operate, advanced recovery options and reasonable price make DiskDigger a good choice.

DiskDigger is a shareware data recovery software. It is fully functional but each time you will try to recover files a message box will pop up asking for the license key. To remove this message you need to purchase DiskDigger license key for $15 which will be valid for one computer.


  • Needs no installation
  • Undelete and data recovery functions
  • Supports most popular file types
  • Disadvantages
  • Shareware

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