Tips On Choosing Data Recovery Services


When your hard drives fail and the last backup does not restore properly the database you will need help from data recovery services. They can also help you to recover images from broken memory cards or any other digital broken media that still holds valuable data. Data recovery process in not simple and therefore not cheap. Before you decide to use professional recovery services you need to be sure the lost data is worth the cost of recovery operation.

The Cost of Data-Recovery Services

The cost depends on many factors so it is not easy to list typical prices. The price mainly depends on the media type, type of problem (hardware failure or just corrupt file system), the amount of data that needs to be recovered, how urgent do you need the data, etc. If you only need one single file then this significantly reduces the time and price of the service.

Group of technicians repair hard drive

Data Recovery Cost Estimation

All data recovery services have a website with basic info and contact information. Contact them describing your problem. Tell them exactly what happened, in what condition is the hard drive, flash memory or digital camera, and which files do you need. You will get in informative quotation. Expect that you will have to pay for some basic service even if no data will be recovered. It is not possible to guarantee anything since before they will take a look at the drive or memory card they can not estimate what would be recovered.

Some also offer small utilities for download that can fix small file system problems, undelete accidentally deleted files and diagnose disks. But don’t expect too much from such software. If the file system is corrupted or the disk drive behaves unreliably the best is to leave it as it is and let the professionals take a look.

What to Look For:

  • Experience. Browse the web, look what other say, who do they recommend.
  • Cost. What would they charge you if nothing could be recovered. It is not only the cost of recovering the data that is important, some work is needed to examine the situation or to try to revive the hard drive.
  • Time. In what time you will get the first report and when you could expect the data to be rescued.
  • Privacy. If you have sensitive data or even passwords in the files that need to be recovered then you need some information who will have access to your data. Check their privacy policy first.

What to Expect

Even the best and most expensive data recovery service can not get your files back if the hard drive is not only crashed but also the file system is corrupted beyond recognition. They can do a lot to fight common problems including broken drive electronics, damaged patters or even damaged mechanical parts. they are able to open the drive in a dust free environment and repair it to the level where the data could be recovered. But repairing electronics and mechanics is one thing, recovering files from corrupt tables is a different story. You never know in what state was the file system before the hard drive failed. You can only expect that whoever will examine your case will estimate what can or can not be done.

The Last Advice

If you need foe example Data recovery in San Jose (CA) then you really must have lost some important data. Try to create regular backups for all important data. Daily, weekly, and monthly backups can save a lot of time and money. It is a good practice to backup all you projects at the end ow working day. A simple incremental backup to DVD is cheap and takes only few minutes to complete. It also make sense to store latest backups at different places. This way you can further reduce any chances that an accident will happen and destroy last years of your work.

Backups are useful not only in cases when hard drives fail, sooner or later you will need to look back at some file you no longer have on the computer. Backups for archiving purposes keep your main computer free of old files you don’t need to daily operations. Less files you have on the computer, less chances are that you will need data recovery services.

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