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Data recovery in San Jose (CA)

Data recovery consists in a procedure to recover data from a computer’s hard drive that has been lost due to system failure or mechanical malfunction. Data recovery can also be used to recover data that has been accidentally overwritten or deleted on a computer. There are companies and people that specialize in data recovery, and programs that try to extract data from computers that still have some level of functioning, and many techniques to do it yourself.

Some functions of data recovery San Jose are to recover data from a damaged hard drive and to recover data from operating system. These failures refer to physical and logical damage. Often the physical damage causes a logical damage; for example, when a hard drive overheats it causes the programs to malfunction and, finally, causes the operating system to fail.

Data recovery involves the use of different methods to intervene the hard drive of a computer and recover lost, deleted or compromised files. The method used to recover this data depends on the type of damage, in cases of physical and logical damage often have to be used several methods to deal with the physical damage first and secondly, deal with the logical damage.

Data recovery San Jose

What is the success rate of the recovery?

You may have seen the websites advertising something online as a success rate of 99%, but in reality those numbers are impossible. Approximately 10-15% of all hard drives that have failed will never be recoverable by any current technology or in the future. Sometimes hard disk fails so that the data contained in the disks (disks) is simply sanded off and no longer exists. Newer high density units (especially Seagate) are even more susceptible to this type of failure.

Many companies try to artificially inflate their success rate by quoting extremely high prices for projects that are waiting to fail, knowing that the customer will decline the quote and that they will not even have to attempt recovery. Therefore maintaining its impossibly high data recovery statistics up. To the success of the media evaluation, we will provide you with a budget together with a realistic assessment of the possibilities of a successful recovery.

There are many companies in charge of data recovery in San Jose. Some of them are:

  • Olitech: The recovery of stored data can be done from any storage medium: hard drives, flash cards, USB, etc. and in any operating system. We show here the majority of storage devices and operating systems with which we usually work in the recovery of files or computer data.
  • Ondata: In Ondata we offer you the initial diagnosis free of charge, this represents an effort of a whole team of professionals, with the intention that nobody speculates with your data. Do not be alarmed, keep calm, our statistics indicate that the percentage of information recovered is very high.
  • CBL Tech is another company in charge of data recovery in the San Jose region.

There are many companies responsible for data recovery, which you can call to perform this procedure

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