Doha (Qatar) data recovery


Human error is the cause of 32% of cases of data loss, behind hardware failures (44%). Recovery time depends on the device and the damage suffered. Making backup copies periodically is the best way to prevent data loss.
The recovery time changes depending on the device and the damage suffered. If it’s a hard drive, it can take between six and eight days, while solid-state drives (SSD) and encrypted media require more dedication. The cost also varies: from € 500 for a smartphone or laptop, and something less for a USB.

If you want to speed up the process, from the Kroll Ontrack website a free software tells you if there are chances of recovery. If the result convinces you, you can buy it online from € 90. Keep in mind that if you have to do some physical repair, obviously this is not enough.

Doha data recovery

Once the recovery is done, the result is sent to the client, something that is usually done by ordinary mail because it is large volumes of data. As well as the aforementioned program, there are many programs to make the recovery of data from your computer through a free program, but many people prefer the companies responsible for Doha data recovery.

There are many companies in charge of recovering data from your computer, some of them are located in Doha, Qatar, and some of them are:

  • Oracle: When we are faced with a loss of data and its recovery, the key element is a correct diagnosis: it is not possible to properly initiate the recovery process without knowing the cause of the loss. This cause helps determine if the disk was physically damaged or if a logical error occurred during the reading. This work is carried out by the Oracle company
  • On Track Data Recovery: On Track Data is the leader in Data Recovery services in Qatar. If you lost data from your hard drive, memory card, pen drive or any device, for any reason and on any platform, we can help you
  • Wonder Share: Generic data protection solutions do not work for important databases. The problem is that they are treated like any other file that must be copied periodically, when in reality they are transactional systems in which aspects such as data integrity, performance or availability are of the utmost importance. If you face a data loss because the data protection failed, then I have the answer for your problem. Go to the Company Wonder Share
  • On Data: Thousands of users and professionals from Doha in Qatar rely on On Data to recover data from apparently irretrievable hard drives. We have the most advanced technology to recover lost data in any device and regardless of the type of failure, as shown by the 50,000 cases that our technicians receive every year.
  • SOS Recovery: Your data will be returned the way you choose. CD, DVD or ideally on another hard drive, we can also enable your information on our server for you to download via internet

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